My Process Of Going Vegan

My Process Of Going Vegan

My process of going Vegan - Trial and error

**Disclaimer! This is my own personal journey, I'm not shoving Veganism (or lentils although they are delicious) down your throat. I am simply sharing how I got here, and why. Read on if this interests you! 

Turning vegan was something that just sort of happened. Being a vegetarian for years it seemed like the logical next step. Also dairy never agreed with me. You don’t want to know the gory details but let’s just say my sore tummy after consuming it led to... regrettable smells. 


Now a few years ago I would never have expected myself to get to this point. I remember a friend at work telling me that they used to be vegan and it was just too hard and they became sick because of it and I thought to myself that’s SO extreme!! I could NEVER do that. People are dying of malnourishment out there and here you are agonising over what your cakes made of? Talk about first world problems??

But then it happened.

The change.

Somehow my brain connected the dots (FINALLY) thanks to education and the help of a few family members and friends I thought NO.

I am no longer supporting industries that regularly dispose of animals like trash and treat them like possessions rather than living, breathing, feeling, intelligent beings. Who am I to support calves being ripped away from their mothers? Males chicks being ground alive because of their lack of worth to the egg industry. Chickens being crammed in tiny, dirty cramped cages and living in complete misery until they are ready to be slaughtered and eaten because WE decide we have a craving for what they are or what they produce. Pigs have been studied and they are smarter than dogs. DOGS the animals we worship and welcome into our homes as part of our families. HOW IS THAT OKAY?

Nope. If I can live without causing harm to gentle creatures then it makes sense that I do that?

The good news is that it’s getting easier.

Vegan only supermarkets, cafes and restaurants are popping up everywhere and due to supply and demand vegan food products are being introduced left right and center. 

My advice to someone who’s thinking of making the switch?

Educate yourself. Watch documentaries such as Earthlings and Cowspiracy. Make yourself a few vegan friends who can support you and who you can seek out delicious vegan goodies with. Also join vegan Facebook pages such as “Vegans of Adelaide” etc. They post delicious recipes and tips and tricks to make your transition that little bit smoother.

It isn’t always easy. Dinners out require planning in advance. There’s a lot of chopping and changing while ordering and you’re usually THAT person holding up the line. I’ll study the back of food at the supermarket only to get home and realise that the thickener in my curry is derived from an animal. I order things from a restaurant not being 100% confident they the chefs know what vegan actually means and a couple of months ago I bought a pair of leather Stan Smiths because you know what? Its hard and I’m not perfect but I am trying and if my efforts mean fewer animals suffer then its f**king worth it.


*Want some cool vegan Instagrams to follow?? My favs are @theminimalistbaker,, @jessy.wallace, and @passion_and_fruit__ (last ones my sister she’s the best).



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