OWN your look, your OWN look  || BLAAX Watches

OWN your look, your OWN look || BLAAX Watches

Picture this …

You’ve got a jam packed, quintessential Australian Saturday ahead.

First off, it’s a casual beach side brunch with the fam. Next it's straight to a boozy wine tour, vineyard hopping with a bunch of friends. After that, you nip away to the wedding of the year.

Outfit’s sorted. Makeup and hair is organised. But... what about your watch?

Watches are the icing on the cake to a polished and slick get up, but what if your demanding social calendar calls for a watchthat can do it all? Let's face it - it’s just not feasible to own a watch for every occasion.

Thankfully, the guys at BLAAX are looking out for you...

Introducing ... Drum roll please ...

Interchangeable watch bands! Bands that you can switch up in a moment to fit in with your ever-changing mood and style.

Gone are the days of settling for the same watch band colour day in day out. It's time to switch it up! (pun intended).

You have a raft of colour options at your disposal! From Ash Grey to a Rich TanBlush Pink to a Brilliant White, you are guaranteed an option that compliments ANY and ALL of your finest attire.

Looking for a bit more luxury in your life? (go on… treat yo-self) 
Opt for a Puffed Leather Band. These sleek and decadent straps add a touch of class and sophistication to your outfit.

But... but... this all sounds a bit complicated, right? I mean, who has the time to tinker around with watch straps? Fret not... 

Changing the bands is quick and easy! On the reverse of the band is a little clip - slide it across and the band pops out, no tools required! In less than a minute you're switched up and rolling your new band.

Looking fresh has never been so affordable (and we recommend just letting your mates believe you have a brand spanking new watch each time, they’ll be none the wiser).

The best things in life are the ones you can customise to suit you. Think ice cream sundaes, your Instagram feed, Build A Bears, and - now - your favorite BLAAX watch.

Start exploring the full range of Interchangeable bands HERE and switch up your look today.

P.S use my code EVE10 at the checkout to get 10% off!

Eve Oswald // Fashion Blogger for BLAAX

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