Festival Style To Combat Your Winter Blues || SDS

Festival Style To Combat Your Winter Blues || SDS

Being the excessively “fashion conscious” person I am, as soon I hear a festival is on its way I start pre-planning the perrrrrfect outfit

Now please don't roll your eyes. Obviously, the most important part of a festival is the music. The 2nd most important factor is an awesome group of mates who don’t judge your questionable (cringe-worthy) dance moves. But the third is the fashion. Because I make no apologies when I admit that what I’m wearing makes my time there 80% more enjoyable. These important facts aside, what is festival style? Well. Results are in. It can’t really be defined. 

Some people go all out and wear outrageous fancy dress, others stick to casual cool and sheer comfort. Then there’s the genres. The grunge, the sporty, the boho, the minimalistic. I even asked my old mate T-Swift (it’s my nickname for her, she loves it) and she weighed in on trends at festivals saying that chokers were the new flower crowns. You can’t deny that, Taylor said it. Upon further inspection of accessories that featured prominently at festys this year statement earrings were everywhere for the ladies and for the gents a wide brim hat was where it's at.
Here in Aus the festivals never seem to stop. We are spoilt for choice. We’ve have Laneway, Stereosonic, Blues Fest, Splendour, Groovin’, and more recently Sea and Vines and we swayed the night away with a false sense of security that the sunny days would last forever.

But now we are deep in the throws of winter and we find ourselves clutching our hot water bottles for warmth and scraping the ice off our windscreens. For a bit of relief (or torture) we may be living vicariously through others that are frolicking overseas. Unless, you have been saving your pennies and you are the one over in Europe. In that case, I don’t want to hear about it.

For a few dreamy minutes, I’m going to mentally transport you to the fashion at Glastonbury 2017. Close your eyes and let the sequins and glitter wash over you.
Flicking through various photos of the beautiful people of the day, one thing was clear. While style is obviously super important. Practicality is of utmost priority. So how can you replicate your favourite fashionistas looks, 2017 Glastonbury style, in the wonderful store of SDS?


The queen of Glastonbury herself, Alexa Chung, donned a few different outfits across the weekend. My favourite being an oversized jumper, distressed jeans and Connies. Her signature London chic look at its finest. Mimic this by chucking on the Long Lost Chunky knit, The ‘94 high slim jean by A-Brand (my pick of this year’s winter denim by the way) and a pair of high top Connies. Alexa is also a fan of a cowboy hat and I am pretty confident she would be all over the new Shadow felt hat by Billabong! Its over sized, its loud and its super practical at blocking out the sun.


adwoa aboah.jpg


Model Adwoa Aboah (you can be forgiven for not knowing her, even I had to Google who she was) wore quite possibly my favourite outfit of the day! She rocked a beret (this season’s most on trend hat) an anorak and a camo suit (this season’s most coveted print!). Recreate this in store with the camo RVCA Racket anorak, the Element beret, and any basic tees + jeans + sneakers.



Sienna Miller represented festival boho back in 2004 and 13 years later she’s still frequenting best dressed lists. This year she opted for brown suede tones and a floral mini skirt. Recreate this look with this season’s Nunui Juliet dress and a pair of boots, any will do, as long as you don’t mind them getting munched in the mosh pit.



Aussie sweetheart Margot Robbie rocked a vintage statement cartoon tee that was funky yet understated. To mimic this casual cool get up, opt for a Thrills tee or long sleeve, some of them even come with the whole pre-worn look. Patagonia have also released a super ‘90’s fleece that inspire dad vibes and a sense of nostalgia for the good old days.  


Chin up my fellow Surf Dive ‘n Skiers. Don’t fall down that Insta-sink hole. We may be settling into the heart of winter but there are ways for your festival dreams to live on. Check out some local acts, chuck on your fav music of all time and dance around your bedroom or even go without showering for a week. Because is a festival a physical place, or can it be a feeling?

No seriously I’m really asking, I can’t afford to go to Coachella.



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