Baby Its Cold Outside || BLAAX Watches

Baby Its Cold Outside || BLAAX Watches

WELCOME TO WINTER. We are well and truly in the depths of it. Our winter clothes have come out of hibernation and we have gone into it.

Sure, its cold.

Its dark when you leave to go to work and when you finish. Dressing in the morning becomes a marathon because you have to factor in how cold its going to be outside but also how warm its going to be inside and layer accordingly. What if you take off your beautiful warm coat only to find a crinkled shirt underneath? That just won’t do! And all motivation to hit the gym seems fade as comfort food and the warm glow of Netflix on the couch beacons.

So what do you reach for in your wardrobe as the temp drops?

I opt for the inkiest noirs, the darker the better. My colour palate consists of grey, slate, charcoal and the blackest of blacks. Colours of storm clouds and ashy concrete.

Now not only is wearing all black in winter undeniably chic and a little bit badass… It’s also ridiculously practical! Eating last nights spag bol for lunch? No one will notice if you lose some down your front? Clutching your latte for dear life in an attempt to warm your insides? Don’t panic about any of it going awol. No ones going to notice anyway!!

My pick of this winters must have items ...

  1. Invest in a quality coat. This year its all about the shearling jacket. They are toasty warm, super practical and plus it makes you feel like a rockstar. If you’re looking for something more minimalistic that you’ll get wear out of year after year you can’t go past the classic trench. Throw it over a linen tee and your favorite jeans or in addition to that LBD you love but usually can only wear in summer.
  2. Culottes are my go-to in winter. They are super flattering, ridiculously comfortable and go with pretty much anything. You can pair them with a button down shirt for work and then switch to an off the shoulder number for Friday night drinks. Plus, culottes aren’t restricting so when the dance floor calls they'll be no hesitation.
  3. Now don’t cringe, but Turtle Necks. They've become a second skin for me this winter. Mostly because they are SO WARM and if you’re not a scarf person they protect your neck from that arctic chill. When shopping for the perfect turtle neck getting black is a no brainer and opt for natural fibres. Whip out your loudest statement necklace and layer it over a turtle neck for something a little different.
  4. Flared details are BIG this season. And in this case bigger is better. Flared sleeves, flared jeans, flared pants. For a modern take on the classic 70’s flared denim, give cropped, distressed hem jeans a go. Perfect to pair with your go-to winter ankle boots.
  5. While BLAAX watches are timeless rather than seasonal. Their darker tones work with my winter wardrobe harmoniously. The Eclipse and the Shadow pieces are monochrome perfection. Crisp and clean in their colour palate they emulate winter, but are also wonderfully versatile. More of a rose gold sort of gal? Midnight Rose and Black Rose are still dark in hue, but they have delicate accents of rose gold to compliment your other jewellery. BLAAX conjures sensual silhouettes, clean lines and effortless style. It’ll become part of your winter wardrobe, so much so that you’ll feel naked without it. And we can’t have that, it’s cold outside.
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So there we have it. My must-have winter wardrobe picks to get you through the cooler months in style. Have you decided that you simply MUST add a BLAAX timepiece to your wardrobe? (I don’t blame you!!) Use my code "EVE10" at the check out to get 10% off!

Eve Oswald | Fashion Blogger for BLAAX watches

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